• Michael Ferguson has put himself in an untenable position    
• Minister is the only person standing in the way of needed reform    
• Time for new leadership
• Premier must step in and replace Minister Ferguson    

Premier Will Hodgman must step in and end the farcical situation involving his Health Minister, the Deloitte report and the proposed reform of the Tasmanian Health Service.

“Literally the only person standing in the way of needed reform in the health service is the Minister himself,” Labor Leader Rebecca White said.

“Michael Ferguson has twisted himself into an untenable position.

“He’s become a hindrance instead of a help.

“The Minister has created a farcical situation where he refuses to tell the truth about a damning report and has left the health system in limbo due to his indecision.

“It’s time for the Premier to finally show leadership and install a new Minister who is willing to oversee reform now, not beyond the next election.

“We are not in caretaker mode, the Government should still be governing.

“The Premier, who was also caught up in Michael Ferguson’s mess when he told Parliament the Deloitte report didn’t exist, should step in and end this farce now.

“The health system is too important to be left in limbo for another six months.”