 Liberals make it clear that money buys outcomes    
 Just how much is the poker machine industry donating to the Liberals?     

The Liberals’ hypocrisy when it comes to accepting donations from the gaming industry is breathtaking.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said the Premier is demanding details about a fundraising dinner Labor held, while at the same time refusing to say just how much is being poured into the Liberal Party by the gaming industry.

“The Premier has confirmed he’s been bought and corrupted by the poker machine industry,” Mr Bacon said.

“While Labor bases its policies on evidence, the Liberals have made it clear they can be bought off by the highest bidder.

“Will the gaming industry disclose the financial support it’s offered to the Liberal Party so far?

“The Liberals’ campaign on poker machines is in lockstep with the industry.

“There’s never been a clearer example of political donations buying a policy outcome.”