• Rene Hidding’s threat to Tasmanian media
• Claims bias in reporting and vows to closely monitor media
• Police Minister attempts to bully those who disagree with him

Tasmanians should be alarmed that Police Minister Rene Hidding has vowed to target and monitor the free media during the same sex marriage debate.

In a speech straight out of a George Orwell novel, Mr Hidding threatened the reporters, editors and producers working in the Tasmanian media:

“I will undertake a detailed log of all events and media releases, op eds and letters to the editor issued by the Coalition for Marriage, by the No vote, and compare that to coverage achieved within all media outlets in Tasmania.

“We have already seen some alarming evidence of outright bias in the Tasmania media”

- Rene Hidding speaking on adjournment 12/9/2017

Deputy Labor Leader Michelle O’Byrne said it was startling to hear the Police Minister admit that he would go to such lengths to monitor the reporting of news into every pocket of the state and seek to bully the free media.

“This is Tasmania’s Police Minister openly threatening Tasmania’s media,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“Mr Hidding has form in intimidating people who don’t agree with him and his shameful attempt at bullying should be called out for what it is – a dystopian attempt to threaten and silence anyone who doesn’t agree with him.”