 Labor the only party taking report’s recommendations into consideration and consulting
 Policy decisions must be based on informed evidence
 Liberals and Greens haven’t consulted, haven’t listened to community voice
Tasmanians want informed decisions on issues which are important to the community and that’s why Labor is taking the time to consult throughout the state on poker machines.
Labor Leader Rebecca White said it was imperative that consultation was undertaken with all stakeholders – including the hospitality industry – on the recommendations of the Joint Select Committee report on Future Gaming Markets.
“That’s what I committed to doing in the lead-up to the release of the report and that is exactly what I am doing now,” Ms White said.
“Each of those recommendations needs to be considered carefully and thoroughly.
“There would have been no point in staging this inquiry if we did not take the time to properly consider the recommendations and test them with the community.
“Neither the Liberals or the Greens have done that before pushing ahead with their own positions which are not based on consultation and are not based on evidence.
“Our policy will reflect Labor’s commitment to supporting vulnerable Tasmanians as well as looking after working Tasmanians, particularly in our regions.
“It’s inappropriate the Liberals are demanding a rushed decision when Tasmanians want informed choices that represent them as a community.
“The Treasurer’s claim around pubs and clubs in Pembroke is extremely ill-informed considering he has not even bothered to consult with those businesses.
“If the Liberals want to run a grubby campaign based on smear, lies and fake news that is a matter for them. 
“But I have said all along that this important report must be used as the basis to consult to develop informed policy. That is what I have been doing for the past fortnight since the report’s release and that is what I will continue to do so that I can hear the concerns and opinions of the industry and community sector.
“Labor’s policy will be released before the next state election.”