• Budget under-delivers for Tasmania but Hodgman goes on the attack
• “Dishonest or delusional” tag ignores genuine concerns of key groups
• Rather than tackle critics, Hodgman should be fighting for Tasmania’s fair share

Premier Will Hodgman’s commentary on the Federal Budget shows just how out of touch he is.

The Premier has accused critics of Tasmania’s share of the Budget of being either “dishonest or delusional”.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said there is a long list of groups and individuals who have spoken out against Tasmania’s treatment.

“A large cross-section of the community has criticised the Budget. Is the Premier prepared to say they are all dishonest or delusional?” Ms White said.

“UTAS, TasCOSS, Unions Tasmania, the Australian Education Union, the Tourism Industry Council and local government representatives have all expressed disappointment over what wasn’t in the Budget for Tasmania.

“Is the Premier suggesting they are being dishonest or delusional?

“Instead of attacking the Federal Budget’s critics, the Premier should be fighting for Tasmania’s fair share.

“Will Hodgman is completely out of touch when it comes to what Tasmania should expect from a Federal Government.

“The Premier should be arguing for a greater share, not congratulating his Liberal colleagues when they under-deliver.”