Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party Vice Chair, Ken Orr said we have been warning the Government and the EPA the water is way too warm for sustainable salmon farming, throw in overcrowding, fish under stress and it’s a recipe for disaster”.

SFFP has been leading the call for greater transparency and real time reporting on salmon mortalities and the cause are a must.

Ken asks again “Where is the quarterly IMAS report, why was it delayed until after the election when it was due out in January?”

It appears the industry is a closed shop and the government is keen to operate under a cloud of secrecy. The bay is a public asset and we demand better management.

“SFFP wants a robust and sustainable salmon industry, but if these issues are not addressed immediately, no doubt we will see more unacceptable high fish deaths. The bay is a unique waterway” Orr said, and “current farming practices are not sustainable and there must be a total and immediate review.”

End the lease now, its not the right location