A report on the performance of water and sewerage organisations across Australia indicates on the national stage, TasWater is matching it with comparable providers and in several areas is ahead of the pack.
Prepared by the Bureau of Meteorology, the independent report compares the performance of 86 water utilities servicing more than 20 million Australian customers.
The report shows that of all comparable utilities, TasWater excels in the following three areas:
 Lowest bills – When compared litre-for-litre, TasWater has the lowest bills.
 Quickest response times – TasWater has also been identified as providing the quickest response to customer calls.
 Highest investment per property – TasWater is also spending the most per property on capital expenditure for the upgrade of infrastructure.
The data collated by the Bureau of Meteorology confirms 99.2% of TasWater customers receive water that meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and is safe to drink.
The remaining 0.8% of our customers, under TasWater’s plan of ongoing improvements will be supplied with drinkable water within the next two years.
TasWater Chairman Miles Hampton says these are very pleasing results that show TasWater is getting on with the job.
“However there remains room for improvement and TasWater has never shied away from this reality.”
“This is why we have developed a targeted plan of capital improvements over 10 years, matching spending with income and price increases within the boundaries set by the economic regulator.” Mr. Hampton said.
The full report can be found at http://www.bom.gov.au/water/npr/docs/2015-16/Urban-National-Performance-Report-2016-high-res.pdf