•    Minister repeatedly misleads Parliament over Deloitte report  
•    After being briefed on Monday, he told a committee on Tuesday that “there is no report” 
•    Official document confirms Deloitte was always working on a report    

Health Minister Michael Ferguson keeps digging himself into a bigger hole over the Deloitte report that he previously claimed didn’t exist.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said it’s time for the Minister to give up and admit he misled Tasmanians.

“On top of misleading Parliament in the house, Hansard has now confirmed the Minister told a Legislative Council committee three times that the Deloitte report didn’t exist,” Ms White said.

Michael Ferguson told the committee last Tuesday:

“I hope you will trustfully believe me when I have told you honestly that there is not a report.”

“While I stand by my statements on this matter to those who would prefer to believe otherwise that there is no report…”

“I don’t hold this against anybody but the premise of the letter was that there is a Deloitte report. I am just respectfully putting forward the response that there is not a report…”

“The Minister was still denying the existence of a report despite the fact he had been briefed on it the day before,” Ms White said.

“And Michael Ferguson can’t even get away with misleading Parliament based on word games because an official Tasmanian Health Service document confirms the report’s existence.”

The document that went out to staff explaining Deloitte’s work was headed ‘THS staff As One survey on Strategic Direction & Focus’.

Point six says:

“6. What will you do with the results of the survey?
All individual responses and data collected as part of this survey will be retained by Deloitte and aggregated into a report, which will be shared with senior leaders.”

“His own Government’s document confirms there is an official report. Michael Ferguson needs to stop digging and admit he misled Parliament,” Ms White said.

“This is beyond farcical now. Just like when Adam Brooks misled a committee three times, another of Will Hodgman’s Ministers has tried to hide the truth.”