After 13 days, over 420 refugees and asylum seekers are desperately defying Dutton’s siege of the Manus detention centre. (Photos attached are of the protests inside the detention centre on 11 November and the video clip of the protest on 12 November).

This morning, Monday 13 November, a large number of PNG police and Immigration officials entered the detention centre attempting to destroy the water wells that the refugees have been relying on for the last 13 days.

The officials also overturned more containers of collected rain water in a repeat of the bully-boy raids they made last Friday.

In more acts of wanton vandalism, police punctured water tanks to deprive the refugees of the last remaining amount after the pipes were cut last week. And more tents and property are being destroyed throughout the camp.

“The reckless brutality being orchestrated by Peter Dutton has to end,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“After four years of unlawful detention, the refugees and asylum seekers are not about to be forced into yet another detention centre.”