Family First Senate Candidate Peter Madden has shaped his campaign and message specifically to target the Greens Senate seat. Mr Madden said of the campaign:

“This federal election is the greatest opportunity we’ve had to rid Tasmania of the “watermelon party’s” stranglehold since Bob Brown’s election in 1996. People have finally woken up to the fact that, though the Greens have a Green skin, they’re clearly “red” within. To replace the Greens in the Senate is, without doubt, the greatest service that Family First could render to Australia and to the Tasmanian people. If the Greens are allowed to maintain their balance of power position in the federal Senate they will continue to destabilise the Australian government and further damage Australia’s economy and society.

People are realising that a vote for the Greens, is a vote for destabilization, economic uncertainty and a potential double dissolution. If we don’t break the Greens balance of power in the Senate at this election and the coalition are successful in forming Government, it is highly likely that we are headed for a double dissolution.

The polls clearly reveal that the Greens are in decline as disillusioned former Green voters plan to vote ALP or Liberal, however we are urging the people of Tasmania to “seize the day” and vote for a minor conservative party rather than one of the two major parties, because this is the best way to deny the Greens a Senate seat.”