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Table of Contents:

1. Liberal’s Australia worse than Trump’s America
2. Government Violates Human Rights of Young People
3. Minimum 50% SSAF to Student Organisations
4. Build a Better Budget Now!
5. $10 a Week not good enough
6. International Students Suffering Due to Lack of Housing
7. Women Students Use Budget Papers as Tampons
8. Turnbull, Increase Minimum Wage or Decrease Your Electability
9. Students Wary Over Government’s Plan to Chase-Up Centrelink Debt
10. Liberal’s line women up to take full force of budget attacks
11. Baby Boomer Budget Burdens Australia’s Young People
12. Students call for long-term fully-funded National Disabilities Insurance Scheme
13. Drug testing Centrelink
14. Students say: Books not Bombs!
15. Australia says Yes!... To Free Education
16. No Increase to Newstart