Macquarie Point has turned into a fiasco that both the State Government and the Hobart City Council have lost the plot over. Macquarie Point has a better purpose than another shopping centre or retail sector.

We know that there are many empty shops in Hobart, and they now seek to increase that number by building more when they don’t have the clients to fill them. If the Tasmanian Government had the vision (which neither Liberal or Labor appear to have), they would realise a golden opportunity is there in the offing, one that would benefit all Tasmanians, not just a few.

Macquarie Point should be turned into a Transport hub. Tasmania should return to passenger rail with the terminus at Macquarie Point. Inner City trams should be returned and both trams and buses could use Macquarie Point as a terminus as well, thus seeing the removal of the bus mall outside the GPO. When you do this it will ease the amount of traffic in the inner city area, provide much needed public transport infrastructure for not just Hobart, but the Northern Suburbs and beyond.

By returning to passenger rail, we open up enormous opportunity for all of Tasmania. Imagine a cruise ship coming into Hobart, and right at their door is all the public transport they will need. Tourist Steam Trains would be able to take them to National Park and other destinations. There is no forward thinking in Tasmanian Government, and the reason why ??, because Liberal, Labor and now the Greens will do as they are directed to do by their Canberra Masters.

The Federal Government of Australia will always control what happens in Tasmania unless Tasmanian people become wise to the power that they have, and how to utilise it. There is an answer, and that answer lies with the Tasmanian people, stand united and achieve much, or stay divided and achieve nothing. Malcolm Turnbull now wants to put another two interconnectors across Bass Straight (we know what happened last year when we nearly ran out of water).

If industry needs Tasmanias power, then bring your industry here and employ Tasmanians, don’t just use us up to supply the Mainland. The Tasmanian people are seeking change, and at T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania we aim to provide that change and become the voice of the Tasmanian people, and not a slave to Canberra…We Can, We Will….