The Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim MP today congratulated Tom Baxter and Wendy Heatley for a hard-fought and highly effective campaign in the Upper House electorates of Nelson and Pembroke.

Mr McKim said that the Greens vote had held up well, and that the overall result was a clear reflection of changing public attitudes on issues like marriage equality.

“Tom and Wendy were both highly effective candidates, and thanks to their role in this campaign we saw a much greater level of public scrutiny than in any Upper House election in recent history,” Mr McKim said.

“The result is a clear reflection of changing public attitudes on progressive social issues like marriage equality.”

“A majority of voters across the three electorates voted in support of marriage equality candidates, showing clearly that Tasmania is becoming more progressive.”

“The strong swing away from Mr Wilkinson in Nelson sends a message to conservatives in the Upper House that the community is ready for progressive social reform on issues like marriage equality.”

“Will Hodgman and the Liberals are now parked out on the far right like the Tea Party in the United States.”

“Tasmania is becoming more progressive and it leaves Will Hodgman looking like last century’s man.”

“The Green vote has held up very well and is in line with previous elections, even despite the progressive vote being split across a number of candidates.”