•      Macquarie Point and Cameron Bay vital for jobs and investment
•      Labor will advance urgent works on Launceston sewerage and storm water
•      Government can’t explain how it will pay for unnecessary TasWater takeover
•   Gutwein’s dishonest plan makes no sense
Almost a month since he first flagged his unnecessary and unwarranted takeover of TasWater, Treasurer Peter Gutwein is still yet to answer critical questions about his flawed plan.
Labor Leader Rebecca White said the Treasurer needed to explain to Tasmanians where he would find the estimated $50 million each year in additional interest costs after his questionable plan to attempt to accelerate water and sewerage works.
“TasWater itself believes the Treasurer’s plan is not only logistically impossible but will be a huge waste of taxpayer funds with massive increases in debt,” Ms White said.
“Taxpayers will end up paying for this unnecessary, unworkable move and Mr Gutwein has been less than honest in explaining his motivation while avoiding answering crucial questions such as why he is planning a takeover when many of the issues around towns on boiled water alerts will be resolved by August next year.
“Mr Gutwein does not have a start date on projects that are critical to Tasmanian jobs and our economic development for decades to come and only Labor has a plan to get those projects built.
“That Labor plan includes the replacement of Launceston’s unacceptably out-dated sewerage and storm water system, which will also boost the northern economy.
“Labor will relocate the sewerage works on Macquarie Point to pave the way for up to $1 billion in private investment and Labor will fix the Cameron Bay treatment plant, which stands in the way of Mona’s transformative $300 million stage 2 development.
“We would put those plans into action on the first day of a Labor majority government and deliver more than a billion dollars of investment before 2025.
“Labor wants to work with our communities and our councils in stark contrast to the Liberals who are interested only in picking fights.”