Back on the 23rd Jan We had a meeting with the Chief Forest Practices Officer of FPA and a compliance officer, At that meeting the CFPO agreed with us that the section of Mutual Road through CC104B was not up to FPA standard ... as had the Northeast Regional Manager for FT done during a previous meeting.

The Forest Practices Code states that all roads and access tracks within the coupe must be upgraded to code standard BEFORE HARVESTING BEGINS.

Last week he (the CFPO) emailed me to say that he was ... “considering the next course of action and will keep you informed of the outcomes”

This morning ... an hour or two after one assumes work had begun I was notified by FT ...“This is to inform you that harvesting has recommenced in CC104B as of today”

It seems FT have come to the conclusion that they are never going to get FSC certification and now just do not care. In the past they have had a pretty poor reputation for third world practices. FT tried to green-wash that poor image by attempting FSC certification. Under the present management it seems they will never get it because their old culture is so entrenched….so back to the future.

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