TasWater is working through a thorough program to track down why the water treatment plant failed to fully treat the town’s water supply on Friday morning.
The area affected is the entire supply network of Deloraine. The Boil Water Alert was put in place following consultation with the Department of Health after TasWater identified that water, the treatment of which was compromised, entered the system which may present a health issue.
TasWater’s General Manager, Service Delivery Bennie Smith says we are currently in the process of confirming the root cause of the incident, and follow up actions to prevent it happening again.
“Our water quality team is also testing Deloraine’s water network with water samples being analysed by our laboratory to assess if all the contaminants have now been flushed out of the system.”
Once this has been confirmed, along with the Department of Health being satisfied the treatment plant is operating correctly and that a re-occurrence of any shortcoming won’t happen again, the testing process will get underway to assess if the Boil Water Alert can be brought to an end.
“I understand how inconvenient this is for our Deloraine customers and thank you for your patience.”
“The Boil Water Alert has been put in place to protect public health and I urge everyone to continue to boil all water for human consumption, food preparation and the making of baby formula and teeth cleaning.
“Unfortunately at this stage I can’t offer a time frame for the Boil Water Alert to be lifted, “Mr Smith says.
More information can be found on the TasWater website http://www.taswater.com.au or call 136992.