The Huon Resource Development Group Inc. has welcomed the release of the Special Timbers Management Plan as an important first step, but is encouraging the state government to take additional steps in its task of rebuilding the forest and timber industries across Tasmania.
The Huon Resource Development Group is fully supportive of the structure of the Plan, and the process which delivered it. The Group now encourages the community at large, especially the many who use and enjoy our unique timbers to make comments on the Plan while it is on statutory display.
In addition to the significant cultural and heritage values, the Special Timbers sector has a complete value chain within Tasmania, from the forest managers, harvesters, and saw millers through to the designers and manufacturers of world-class products and on to the craft shop and gallery proprietors who retail those products to both tourists and local residents to high acclaim. 
Access to Special Timbers is important for the heritage restoration and maintenance of significant buildings and wooden boats. They are crucial for the work of our high-end furniture designers, our sculptors and wood turners, our emerging musical instrument makers and builders of new wooden boats and as such are significant for commerce and employment.  The skilful use of Special Timbers is a cornerstone to our brand, alongside our fine wines, beer, cider, world-class whiskey, our fresh fruit, seafood and unique Leatherwood honey, and together with breath-taking scenery and acclaimed cultural activities combine to promote Tasmania as Australia’s leading tourism and visitor experience.
Tasmania must ensure that a sufficient area of public native forest containing Special Timbers of appropriate quality and quantity are available for careful and proper management in perpetuity, and that with proper education and training opportunities, new generations of artists and craftspeople can follow those of the past and the present day into long and fulfilling careers with the fraternity and camaraderie that so many have known, as well as reaping the respect and admiration our community continues to show. 
The group’s President George Harris pointed out that it remains vitally important that the 356,000 hectares of the FPPF Lands be returned to production forests in a manner that makes access and administration easier. He said:  “Areas within the 356,000 hectares need to be available for Special Timbers under the terms of this new plan, and much of the balance can provide high quality saw logs and maturing regrowth for the hardwood processing sector, particularly the smaller operators, as many of these also provide services for the Special Timbers sector.  The next step in enhancing their viability will help the Special Timbers sector.”
“We call on the Parliament and the community to support the Government’s vision in this plan to provide the right management prescription for this valuable resource in its sensitive environment with the view to maintaining the commercial viability of activities that are important for their social, cultural, heritage and economic contribution underpinning our tourism success,” Mr Harris concluded.