Conservationists have condemned the release of the Hodgman’s rainforest logging manifesto describing it as akin to the worst of third world practice. The draft plan includes the logging of reserves protected under the 2005 Howard-Lennon Community Forests Agreement and the 1997 Howard-Rundle Regional Forests Agreement. These include reserves in the Tarkine and elsewhere in the state.

“Rainforest logging is a relict of the past and has no place in a first world, 21st century society”, said Save the Tarkine Campaign Coordinator Scott Jordan.

“Markets do not want products born from the destruction of rainforest. This is kamikaze politics that will sabotage our globally significant and precious rainforests, and close off markets to Tasmanian timber products”.

‘Protecting rainforests is a global conservation priority and this regressive step by Premier Hodgman is internationally embarrassing.  As Premier Hodgman sets his destructive sights on the Tarkine rainforests for logging, he continues to risk damage Tasmania’s economy and job prosperity that is dependent on the island’s wild and scenic beauty and wildlife,’ Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager Jenny Weber said.

The Bob Brown Foundation is calling for a permanent ban on rainforest logging across Tasmania.

‘Premier Hodgman is promoting highly controversial logging in an ancient rainforest area of the southern forests as their example for the type of logging they will use under this new plan. Very extensive disturbance from logging occurred in these rainforests, the collateral disturbance from roads, log landings, and tracks is much greater than the direct impact of falling individual selected trees. We proved this logging was highly damaging with a report to the UNESCO reactive mission,’ Jenny Weber said

‘The push by small sectional interest groups to log rainforests is entirely unacceptable and greedy. The purported lack of timber for these groups is due to the wanton destruction of large volumes of rainforest timbers left on the forest floor after logging over the past decades, and burnt each year in waste disposal burns. This push today by the government to log rainforest reserves is in addition to the rainforests scheduled for logging in today’s new 3 year logging schedule,’ Jenny Weber said.

‘For far too long there has been too much ecological damage in Tasmania’s forests from rainforests logging, and burning of rainforest timbers, and proposing logging in rainforest reserves is a an outrage,’ Jenny Weber said.