 Nothing for Bridgewater Bridge plan released a year ago
 Airport roundabout not a priority for Liberals
 Hidding all talk, no action in dealing with Canberra
The Hodgman Liberal Government and Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding have shown yet again they have no influence with their federal colleagues by failing to secure funding for the much-discussed Bridgewater Bridge replacement in last night’s Budget.
Shadow Transport Minister Craig Farrell said despite talking about securing Commonwealth funding toward the $600 million cost of replacing the 70-year-old bridge since last April, Mr Hidding had last night failed dismally.
“For the past year the Infrastructure Minister has been talking a lot but achieving nothing for this crucial project as evidenced by the fact there was no mention of it in Scott Morrison’s Budget handed down last night,” Mr Farrell said.
“More than 18,000 vehicles use the Bridgewater Bridge every day and Mr Hidding has responsibility for improving traffic flow for each of those drivers.
“But it’s now abundantly clear that his Federal colleagues consider him with utter contempt – why else would they ignore this important, key project for Tasmania’s south?
“Traffic congestion in the state’s south is clearly not a priority for either the Hodgman Government or Canberra when critical funding like this is ignored and only $5 million toward the $24 million cost of the new airport roundabout has been secured.
“Additionally, the government now needs to explain what function the expensive Infrastructure Tasmania is carrying out now it has been exposed as being completely ineffective in securing funding to build the projects the state requires.”