Hello fellow Labor Lyons members,

My name is Kylie Wright. I one of the newly endorsed candidates for Labor in Lyons. I live on the East Coast in St Helens, and am a current Councillor with the Break O’Day Council.

I grew up with a strong Labor upbringing in a working class family. I have been lucky and always found myself in gainful employment.

I now work in Employment services, and see how hard it is for genuine hardworking people to find sustainable employment in Tasmania. Many who do find work are often under employed and still struggle to make ends meet. I am appalled to see the current Government continue to punish those who are already struggling, by doing things such as attacking penalty rates.

The health system, as we know is in crisis, and education is also suffering at the hands of the Hodgeman Liberal Government.

I am committed to helping Rebecca White win Labor Majority Government back for Tasmania.

I am hoping to make my way around the electorate to visit as many homes and businesses as I possibly can, as the only way I have a chance of being elected is to get my name around to as many people as possible.

I have a campaign fund raiser in St Helens on Saturday September 30th, with Rebecca White as my special guest. “A Curry Night with Kylie Wright and Rebecca White”..  (Flier above). If you are able to join us on the night, I would love to meet you.

Looking forward to meeting you somewhere along my journey.

Yours Sincerely,

Kylie Wright
Labor for Lyons