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Baxter Means Business

The Tasmanian Greens Leader Nick McKim MP has today announced corporate governance lecturer Tom Baxter as the Greens’ endorsed candidate for the seat of Nelson in the upcoming Legislative Council election.

Mr McKim said he was delighted to welcome Mr Baxter to the Greens team, and looked forward to working with him to deliver reform of Tasmania’s Upper House.

“Mr Baxter’s experience as a lawyer and corporate governance academic makes him ideally suited to work in the Upper House, where fresh ideas and a willingness to change are sorely needed,” Mr McKim said.

“There is growing community disquiet that the Legislative Council is out of touch with community expectations, with the disturbing recent track record of blocking progressive legislation.”

“Tasmania’s Legislative Council is the only Upper House in the country with the power to block the State Budget and force the government of the day to an election, without having to face the people itself, and Mr Baxter’s priority will be to move for reform and inject much-needed accountability.”

“He will bring a much-needed progressive voice to the Upper House, which is still dominated by ultra-conservatives who have held Tasmania back.”

“Despite being notionally independent, incumbent Jim Wilkinson MLC is one a number of conservative Upper House Members who have allowed themselves to be played like a fiddle by the Liberal Party.”

“The message to the Nelson electorate is Baxter means business.  He will work full-time as their local Member, unlike the incumbent, and his first priority is to move to reform the Upper House to make it more accountable to the people.”

Mr McKim also said that the Party’s selection’s process for Pembroke is currently underway.