The social and economic challenges laid out in the Tasmania Report reinforce the need for courage and vision from all political parties contesting the 2018 State election.
The Greens agree with economist and report author, Saul Eslake, that boldness and imagination are needed, but they are in short supply from the Liberal and Labor parties. 
What Mr Eslake didn’t say in his report is the rarely spoken truth - the unhealthy ties between vested corporate interests and the old parties have consistently let Tasmania down. 
From forests to fish farms and pokies, history shows the Liberals and Labor are in the pockets of their political donors, who they so often put ahead of the public interest.
Both parties are apparently backing in the Farrell family over the health and wellbeing of people who are harmed by poker machine addiction.
In the attached unsigned letter sent to me that arrived today, Premier Will Hodgman has admitted his party will again take the dirty money on offer from the Federal Group, the purveyor of predatory poker machines.
The Liberals’ policy to keep pokies in pubs and clubs is a return on the Federal Group’s investment and it will come at a huge social cost, as it has for the past four decades.
Poker machine addiction has led to suicide, child neglect, family violence, mental illness and imprisonment.  Given the huge known human cost of pokies in Tasmania, any donations from the Farrell family to the Liberal and Labor parties will be the political equivalent of blood money.
With the Federal monopoly Deed due to formally expire next year, Labor is still yet to release its policy on pokies, or reveal if it will be campaigning with the Federal Group’s money.
The Greens are the only party in State Parliament who don’t take dirty money and have never accepted a cent from the Farrell family, or a corporation attached to the Chinese Communist government, for that matter. Unlike the Liberals and Labor, we can’t be bought or sold. 
Neither party, for example, has put forward a plan to help this island and its people adapt to climate disruption and move to zero net emissions.  Instead, we are getting more roads!
The weakness of Will Hodgman’s “vision” was on full display yesterday. After four years of neglecting investment in a modern public transport system, the Liberals’ only solution to our growing traffic jams is to build yet another a road.
The Premier conveniently overlooked the fact that more roads ultimately just add to the congestion problem, which is why modern and rapidly modernising cities are investing in mass transit and integrated public transport systems.
We are the only party running for the State Election with a vision for Tasmania that extends far beyond the next election.