Tasmanian Family First Senate candidate Peter Madden has named the Greens, “the greatest threat to Tasmania’s economic future”.

Mr. Madden said of the Green antics over the last 2 weeks.

“The states economy is in free fall and the Greens continue their subversive economic sabotage regardless of the damage that they are doing! It is clear that Tasmania’s future hangs in the balance. The most recent statistics reveal that, as a state, we have fallen behind every other state in all major areas both economically and socially and it is clear that the dominance of Green politics is at the root of our decline” He said.

“The last 2 weeks have seen further clear evidence of the root of the problem. First it was UTAS’s training and sending out of environmental protesters to disrupt forestry. Then the Federal Court’s decision to uphold the Green injunction to stop the Nelson Bay Mine. Now we have Green’s Senator Peter Whish Wilson applauding the Nelson Bay decision as a win for Tasmania because of “long-term prospects of tourism in the North West” He said.

“It defies reason! Clearly the Greens have their head in the clouds while the state is going to hell. It is this very Greens stranglehold that makes the coming Federal election absolutely vital for both Tasmania and for the nation. If the Greens maintain the balance of power in the Senate, Tasmania will continue its rapid economic decline and the prospect of that decline is frightening” He said.

“Family First, as the economic polar opposite to the Greens, is dedicated reversing the decline and restoring Tasmania to prosperity” Mr Madden said.