Tasmanian Family First Senate candidate Peter Madden has slammed Greens Senator Christine
Milne’s opening election speech, calling the two major parties “cruel and old” as “blatant

Mr Madden said:

“Christine Milne’s speech immediately following the Prime Minister’s announcement of the
Federal Election date showed clearly the Greens mindset as unrealistic, idealistic nonsense and not
at all in touch with the pragmatic answers Tasmania needs. Milne’s focus, firstly on the two major
parties being “old and cruel” and then on the Tarkine, in an attempt to present the Greens as the
“new and compassionate” party was blatant hypocrisy. There is nothing new about the Marxism
that is the bedrock of the Greens platform and there is nothing “compassionate” about the
economic devastation that they have brought upon families across Tasmania” Mr Madden said.

“Our state is in a real economic mess. Over the last week we have seen major job losses across
Tasmania reinforcing the need for real economic policy solutions. However the Greens continue to
place trees, pigs, idealistic dreams and asylum seekers before the real pain being experienced by
struggling families. There is nothing “compassionate” about that” He said.

“Milne also focused on single mums, obviously hoping for more votes from this sector. However
the single mums I’ve talked to across Tasmania want a fair go and a “hand up” not just the Greens
“old” leftist policy of greater “hand outs” He said.

“If Tasmania’s sixth senate seat stays in the hands of the Greens at this election, it will cost
Tasmania dearly and could cost the nation a double dissolution next year. We believe that Family
First holding that sixth Senate seat provides the truly “new and compassionate” solution for
Tasmania by providing a strong, realistic, conservative voice that can help restore reason,
economic development, industry and jobs and by making families the major priority once again”
Mr Madden said.