The Federal Government has agreed to the Australian Greens’ motion to protect national parks from state-government destruction, including logging in national parks, and must act immediately before it is too late.

“We can see conservative state premiers declaring open slather on national parks, with cows in Victorian national parks, shooting in New South Wales national parks and now plans for logging in Queensland national parks,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

“The Federal Environment Minister said he would protect our national parks from state government plans to allow grazing, mining, logging and large-scale land clearing back in 2011 and still we have not seen any action.

“Today Labor agreed to my motion calling on them step in and protect our national parks federally but we’ve had 18 months of promises and now we need action. 

“The Newman Government has already offered 25-year sales permits to 14 cypress sawmills. Two million hectares of Queensland’s native forest is open for logging – a huge threat to koalas and other threatened species.

“Minister Burke must act immediately to prevent the imminent destruction of our national parks.

“Of course, the Coalition opposed my motion to protect national parks from logging, reinforcing that environmental destruction under Liberal state premiers is a taste of an Abbott prime ministership,” Senator Waters said.