The Government’s response to TasWater providing information to the community over progress in removing boil water alerts in regional centres is nothing short of hypocrisy according to TasWater Chairman Miles Hampton.
Responding to criticism over the promotion of improved water supply systems in Avoca and Mole Creek, Mr Hampton said it is entirely appropriate for TasWater to let the community know what we are doing and that we are as good as our word.
“One year ago TasWater made a promise to the community that it would tackle the water quality issues affecting a number of small towns and it is delivering on that promise,” Mr Hampton said.
“Since the State Government announced its proposed takeover it has repeatedly distorted the facts to seek to present TasWater as an organisation that is not delivering.
“The Government has deliberately run a scare campaign about water quality in this State and it is important we put the facts out there.”
Prior to the upgrading of the Avoca and Mole Creek water supplies in the past week, 99.2 per cent of TasWater customers received water they can drink from the tap. With the addition of Avoca and Mole Creek, another 300 plus households now receive water which complies with national water quality standards.
“Further, we fully expect to deliver on the 24 small towns project we announced one year ago,” Mr Hampton said.
“At the same time, the Government has released no detail of how it could do the job faster, it has refused to release its modelling, and it has refused to release its legal advice despite claiming it can mount a takeover.
“Over the past three weeks the Government has written to households across much of Tasmania criticising TasWater. It now has the temerity to attack us for simply letting the community know it can have confidence that, despite the takeover proposal, TasWater remains focused on the job of providing the community with essential water and sewerage services,” Mr Hampton said.