 Liberals don’t want to talk about full-time jobs or the participation rate
 Massive trend towards part-time employment
 Labor’s water and sewerage policy will create full-time jobs

The Liberal Government continues to cherry-pick employment data to support its bragging on job creation.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said it’s time the Government addressed the whole story.

“The Government continues to ignore the elephants in the room,” Mr Bacon said.

“Full-time jobs are disappearing and the participation rate is alarmingly low.

“The trend towards part-time work is extremely concerning and we’ve heard nothing from the Treasurer or Premier.

“4700 full-time jobs gone since May last year but the Government pretends everything is ok.

“The unemployment rate is just part of the picture and it’s flattered by the low participation rate.

“Labor’s focused on policies that will create full-time employment like our plan to fix three big water and sewerage headaches.

“Only Labor will make sure Launceston’s water and sewerage infrastructure is fixed and projects like Mona stage two and Macquarie Point can proceed.

“By addressing these three projects, a Labor government will unlock hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of investment.”