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Mayor Downie, General Manager Jennings and Councillors,

I am Kim Peart, a resident of Ross.

It came as something of a shock to find the housing crisis had arrived in Ross, when a family nearly had to leave town, as the lease was running out on a house about to be turned into tourist accommodation.

A house has been found for the family, for now, but there is no available rental accommodation in Ross.

The next time a family in Ross have trouble finding a new home, they may have to leave town.

And will they end up in a tent at the Elwick Showground?

I have read in the news how rents have skyrocketed in New Norfolk, and I wonder how many other country towns are feeling the pain.

From working with homeless people in Queensland, I have found that the best medicine is prevention.

Once anyone falls into homelessness, it can be very hard to re-establish their life.

Reflecting on the housing crisis in Tasmania, I have written a few articles recently, exploring potential solutions.

The most basic solution to the housing crisis, is to end homelessness.

When everyone has a home, there will be no housing crisis.

Rents will also be drawn down, as the fear of being homeless will be gone.

When I saw the container house, I could see a simple inexpensive solution to the housing crisis.

By making a container house available immediately when anyone needs a home, we can stop homelessness from happening.

This is a whole community solution, needing collaboration by the Commonwealth, the State and Councils.

If the Council would like to be part of the solution to the housing crisis, and help end homelessness, then there is land in Ross, which could be used for container homes, in a properly run program.

I speak of the old Council Works Depot in Ross.

There would be similar land in many country towns, and even in city suburbs, where the blight of homelessness can be brought to an end, and any further homelessness prevented.

We should never allow children to end up on the street, but that is what we are doing at present, by allowing people to end up homeless.

Finland decided to solve their homelessness problem, by providing homes, and they found that works.

The Finns found that it was cost effective to provide homes, compared with other long-term costs.

They also found that it was far easier and more effective to deal with other problems, when a person was in a home.

Now the Finns are acknowledged as the happiest people on Earth.

Would we like to be that happy?


Kim Peart ~ running in Prosser

Authorised by: Jennifer Bolton, 39A Bridge St, Ross

See potential location in Ross on Council owned land in this photo survey ~


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ABOUT Kim Peart ~  Born in 1952, Kim was raised in Howrah when it was farmland, played in the old fort in Bellerive, and rode the old ferries to Hobart to go to movies. Kim plied the life of a visual artist, with a studio in the Salamanca Arts Centre, and then in Murdunna, and later in Bellerive in the old bakery. In 2007 Kim was listed among Tasmania’s top 200 movers and shakers for “An urban bushland conservationist who has worked tirelessly over the years to maintain walking tracks and protect wildlife from the encroachment of bush-front housing developments.” Kim is campaigning for an Australian Convict Trail, with the Tasmanian leg running from the ferry in Devonport to Port Arthur, along with foot and cycle paths by Tasmania’s highways and roads. After being at the launch of an Australian Space Agency last September, Kim is seeking ways to create employment, careers and new enterprise in Tasmania with the global space industry. Kim now lives in Ross, with his wife Jennifer, and a small tribe of alpacas.

Authorised by: Jennifer Bolton, 39A Bridge St, Ross