The proponents of Light Rail in Hobart are accusing the State Government of laziness in not vying for one dollar of the massive funding allocated for rail infrastructure around Australia, announced in last night’s Budget.

The Federal Treasurer announced a 10 billion dollar rail program to fund new urban and regional rail with including plans for a new regional passenger line in Victoria ($500 million) and a rail upgrade for Geelong ($100 Million).

The Hobart Northern Suburbs Rail Action Group says the Hobart project would be eligible, but Tasmania’s capital city is getting left behind, thanks to the Hodgman Government.

The Government’s repeated failure to present the business case for a Light Rail link on the existing track is a snub for Denison, where at least 62 per cent of voters support the idea.

Group President Ben Johnston says, “even Prime Minister Turnbull urged the State Government to apply for funding for the Hobart project, but the Hodgman Government is obviously comfortable with increasing congestion in greater Hobart.”

Mr Johnston says, “the State Government claims the Hobart Rail project isn’t viable even though State and Local Government studies indicate it would create thousands of long term jobs and smash congestion with six million rail trips a year!”

The Hobart Northern Suburbs Rail Action Group Inc. was formed to facilitate the establishment of a passenger rail service as the centrepiece of an integrated transport network and preservation of the rail corridor between Hobart and Brighton for rail services