Helen Richardson, AEU Tasmanian President, said:

“Malcolm Turnbull’s budget sells-out Tasmanian schools and won’t deliver the $100M to 2019 in Gonski funding that our schools urgently need.”

“Instead of the $100M our schools would receive under our six year signed agreement, the Federal Government is offering just $16.5M to the 2018/2019 financial year and that’s a disaster for our students.”

“A Gonski cut of $85M means our kids will be denied the things we know work – smaller class sizes, numeracy and literacy support, and more individual attention.”

“Will Hodgman is prepared to accept these shameful cuts and the ripping up of a school funding agreement that he pledged to fight for.”

“Hodgman’s own education minister said that axing of the Gonski $100M will condemn generations of Tasmanians to educational disadvantage so how can his government, that promises to ‘lead the nation in education’, be prepared to accept such devastating cuts?”


The Budget fails to address key funding gaps to deliver support at school for students with disability.

Thousands of Tasmanian students with disability and high needs will continue to be denied the support they need for a quality education.


Turnbull’s Budget has not delivered on vocational education and contains nothing to reverse the damaging decline in public funding for TAFEs

It fails to reinstate National Partnership funding.

There’s failure to ensure a minimum of 70 per cent of public funding is reserved for TAFEs which disproportionately effects Tasmania’s public VET sector.

Reducing the threshold for repayments of student debt will disproportionately affect TasTAFE students.


The extension of the National Partnerships funding for four-year old preschool (Kindergarten) for just one year provides short-term relief for the early childhood sector but no long-term certainty.