Tasmanian Family First Senate candidate Peter Madden contends that his party is the clear choice to stop the Greens dominance and destructive influence on Tasmania’s economy calling the party, “Tasmania’s greatest hope to stop the Greens’ disease”.

Mr Madden said of the Senate race in the upcoming federal election:

“The very prospect of another three years of Greens dominance in the Senate is unthinkable. Family First is committed to taking Tasmania’s sixth senate seat from the Greens because we believe we are the best chance to topple them. From the days of Senator Brian Harradine, Tasmania’s sixth Senate seat has provided Tasmania’s independent voice in Canberra and has been absolutely vital in determining Tasmania’s future.  Ever since the Green’s became that independant voice we have seen nothing but destruction and decline” He said.

“According to the feedback we are receiving throughout all five electorates, Tasmania has awoken to the reality of the Green disease. Even some previously “rusted on” Greens supporters are beginning to show signs of coming to their senses” Mr Madden said.

“Our growing team at Family First Tasmania are all confident that there are enough Tasmanians now, who have woken up to the Green destruction, for us to unseat Whish Wilson and that is why we are going all out to do so” he said.

“It is essential for Tasmania’s families’ and children’s futures. Family First represents Tasmania’s economic future. Our conservative and innovative economic policies are designed to incentivise small business, forestry, mining, agriculture, fisheries and industry and to cut the red and Green tape that is strangling them and with the strong possibility of being in a balance of power situation in the Senate”.