While Australia’s new “Minister for Status of Women” Julie Collins enjoys her new
pay rise, now earning well over $200,000 per annum, Tasmania’s single mums are
being forced into poverty. Family First Senate candidate Peter Madden and Family
First Lyon’s Candidate single mother and community worker, Gaye James, have
spoken out strongly against Labor’s failure of sole parents and tomorrow will join the
nationwide sole parent protest movement.

On Thursday 11 July 2013, there will be simultaneous sole parent rallies all around
Australia as single mums and dads attempt to send a strong message to the federal
government about moving them on to Newstart. In Tasmania they’re taking the
protest right to Tasmania’s Julie Collins’ door.

Mr Madden said of the rally:

“Our current economic hard times don’t effect Julie Collins and fat cat MPs in her
situation, but it is clear that the struggling single parents we talk to on a daily basis
have been devastated and it’s Labor’s absurd sole parent/Newstart decision that is
crippling them. This move, supposedly trying to get sole parents to take on full time
employment, has forced Australia’s most vulnerable families into further poverty.

Even before this Newstart travesty, out of the 879,000 sole parent households in
Australia (2,363,000 people), 24% lived below the poverty line and now Labor has
made it even worse! It may be a “good policy” for single people who it was originally
intended for, but to place parents with dependents onto a payment barely adequate
for an individual, is nothing short of blatant neglect” He said.

“Sole parents have so many more factors to juggle for a “healthy” work/family life
balance than any other category in society. Adequate, affordable and flexible child
care for starters, greatly limit the jobs they can apply for and then there’s the
$400-$500 in child care many have to pay over each school holiday period leaving no
“spare” money for groceries, petrol or utilities. The whole thing is absurd. It is
absolutely vital that “Parenting Payment Single” be reinstated for the sake of these
precious families so parents can parent, work, study and/or fulfil career
responsibilities” Mr Madden said.

“Does this government want sole parent families in poverty? Poverty clearly creates
a dysfunctional society and it would seem that this Labor government is happy