Tasmanian Family First Senate candidate Peter Madden has called on the Advocate and The
Examiner to get their facts straight concerning the far left Labor women’s group Emily’s List
where Tasmania is concerned.

Mr Madden said of the Sunday July 14 article run by the Tasmanian papers, The Advocate
and The Examiner titled, “Parties put women in back seat”:

“Though this piece concerns safe Labor seats nationwide, to run it in Tasmania of all places is
a bit rich. To quote Emily’s List spokeswoman Tanya Kovac crying gender discrimination in
Tasmania is a farce. In Tasmania women hold by far the majority of safe Labor seats. Women
hold seven of the eleven federal Labor seats including all six Labor Senate seats and it’s
Emily’s List that has put them there. This isn’t about “affirmative action” or “equality” this is
blatant gender favouritism based in Emily’s List being the most powerful Labor faction in
Tasmania. Are no men qualified to be Senators for the Labor party in Tasmania?” He said.
Mr Madden went on to say:

“Two of the most senior members of Emily’s list, Lisa Singh and Lin Thorp, were given their
seats. Lin Thorp, the founder of Emily’s list in Tasmania, after being rejected by her state
electorate, was parachuted into the safe seat vacated by Nick Sherry.“Women hold 63.6% of
federal Labor seats in Tasmania and the only Labor party cabinet member from Tasmania is a
woman, so let’s get our facts straight. If political gender bias is to be discussed in Tasmania as
regards the Labor Party, we must ask why the bias swings so heavily on the side of Emily’s
list?” He said.