• Professor George Newhouse, Human Rights Lawyer from the National Justice Project says,

“Minister Dutton’s announcement of an October deadline for processing asylum claims shows blatant disregard for the processes of the law, the cost of legal aid, adding panic to uncertainty.

“It shows how little this Government respects due process. Legal aid cuts are the thin edge of a huge and growing wedge of injustices under Dutton, he said from Sydney today.

• RAC Sydney Coordinator Ian Rintoul today said of Dutton’s cruel asylum seeker processing deadline:

“It is a completely arbitrary deadline and a cruel hoax on people who the Government has left in limbo for years.

“These people have been denied legal help by this government, said Mr Rintoul. They have systemically denied them the possibility of making an application.

“To suggest that they are unreasonably consuming taxpayers dollars is simply vicious.

“The government could save billions in taxpayers dollars by closing offshore detention.

Mr Rintoul was visiting Canberra to attend the ARAN 2017 conference.