  Liberals light on detail on poker machines in Tasmania
  Hodgman prepared to let serious harm in the community continue
  Farcical that Premier not prepared to tell Tasmanians where he stands on poker machines
Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon has called on the Premier to provide Tasmanians with detail of his gaming policy.
“The Liberals were desperate to see Labor’s gaming policy and now it is on the table,” Mr Bacon said.
“Labor has been out talking to the community and consulting on this issue for months – what has Will Hodgman been doing?
“The Liberals are yet to respond to the Parliamentary committee on gambling that they set up.
“What is their position on a direct licensing model for venues?
“Does the party stand by its promise to put the gaming license out to open tender?”
Mr Bacon said Will Hodgman was avoiding the issue and instead attempting to deceive Tasmanians with his claim that the Liberals would remove 150 poker machines from the community – 135 of which are not currently even in use.
“Mr Hodgman has indicated he may adjust his thinking around poker machines – if that is the case when will he tell Tasmanians?
“The simple fact is Labor has announced a policy based on evidence and with the clear goal of protecting the health of the Tasmanian community and Mr Hodgman has nothing.”