William Bourke welcomes Dick Smith to Sustainable Australia

Dear Friend.

Yesterday, after watching our new Sick of politicians? NSW campaign video ( HERE ), Dick Smith did something he’s never done before: joined a political party.

On behalf of our national committee I’m delighted to announce that Dick Smith is now a member of Sustainable Australia - and we warmly welcome him to our party!

We are here to win seats in Parliament and will be working with Dick to achieve this in the upcoming Victorian, NSW and Federal elections, amongst others.

Are you also sick of politicians stuffing up and selling off our country?

Do you want secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning, and a sustainable environment and population?

Then follow Dick’s lead and join our party!

In NSW, membership is currently FREE because we need to reach 750 members in the next month in order to register for the next State election. If you’re not a member and live in NSW, join today.

If you’re not in NSW and want to join our party, click here:

We’re also trying to raise $5000 to advertise our campaign video on Facebook to over 100,000 people in NSW. Can you help with a small or large donation?:

Let’s do this, together!

Kind regards,

William Bourke