Animal rights groups opposed to Dark MOFOs planned event 150.Action have welcomed the concerns for public safety expressed by the event organisers, that has led to the cancellation and intended reissue of tickets.

“To date, we have utilised official means of opposition to this event via the appropriate authorities, and will continue to do so. Public safety is of course an issue that must be, and that we have always, considered in this matter.” - Kristy Alger, spokesperson, Animal Liberation Tasmania.

The group have sent a submission to the Minister for Health, Michael Ferguson, over concerns for public health due to potential disease transmission, given the exposure of the animal carcass and blood to ongoing variable conditions throughout the performance.

“There are serious public health concerns regarding 150.Action, including the risk of diseases transmitted from livestock such as Q fever, and incidental food-borne illnesses from close contact with the carcass and blood. 

We request that the organisers of Dark MOFO, as well as the State Government, declare how they are intending to protect the general public from the risk of infection should this event go ahead.” - Mehr Gupta, spokesperson, Animal Liberation Tasmania.

Animal Liberation Tasmania have also contacted the Federal Immigration department, over concerns relating to Nitsch’s criminal record

“We have questions over his many brushes with the law, including custodial sentences and extradition from Italy, in relation to his immigration status,” Alger states.

Public opposition to Hermann Nitsch’s performance has been strong on local, national and international levels, attracting significant media attention. A Tasmanian based petition gathered nearly 20000 signatures at the time of submission to the Hobart City Council. An internationally based petition addressed to the Museum of Old and New Art has accrued nearly 100000 signatures in opposition to the event continuing (

The campaign has been broadly supported by Animals Tasmania, Animal Justice Party Tasmania and Brightside Farm Sanctuary, who offered to rehome the bull intended for slaughter.

Animal Liberation Tasmania await a response from Minister Ferguson and from the Immigration Department regarding their concerns.

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