Public Meeting regarding the proposal for Northwest Coast Salmon farms
Hosted by Craig Garwood (Garbo)
When: Thursday 17 August 2017 – 7.00pm
Where: Rocky Cape Tavern, Rocky Cape, N/W Tasmania

PETUNA’s Public Officer will be in attendance.
All Welcome.
Come along and see what can be done to protect our juvenile fish nurseries.

Please sign the Petition

To the Honourable, the Speaker & Members of the House of Representatives & House of Assembly

This Petition of—-      Citizens Against Salmonid Farming

Keep Salmonid Farming outside the confines of the Hunter Group of islands, Stanley & Rocky Cape, which include—-Hunter Island, Three Hummock Island, Albatross Island, Bird Island, Black Pyramid Rock, Nares Rocks, Penguin Islet, South Black Rock, Steep Island, Stack Island, , Walkers Island, Robins Island, Perkins Island, Trefoil Island, Little Trefoil Island, Doughbouy Islands.

Draws to the Attention of the House—- that Legislation in its current form enables the House to veto, by any, and by such method as is necessary to curtail all degradation of Fish Nursery habitat by the incursion of Marine Farming of Fin Fish, namely Atlantic Salmon, Ocean Trout & Tuna.

We Therefore Ask The House to:  Act on behalf of the Citizens Against Salmonid farming for the reasons as follows: From the early 1960s the area currently chosen by Petuna, has been known as a juvenile fish nursery.

Offshore areas around Circular Head and King Island have been identified as possible “grow zones” in the Government’s yet-to-be released Sustainable Salmon Industry Growth Plan. THIS HAS TO STOP. We as a group are not against Salmon farms in general, only to some of the areas that the proponents & the government wish to avail themselves of!

We request that the area’s stated in this petition, first paragraph above, be struck from the list of preferred sites by the government & the proponents.

This intensive farming of finfish ultimately fouls the seabed, therefore seagrasses will not grow and stops all oxygen and degenerates the area to toxic for all bottom feeders and mid water feeders.