Tonight’s budget announcement has outlined a fair deal for university students by balancing equitable responsibility for returning the budget to surplus with investment in key areas of concern and focus for students.

President of the Tasmania University Union (TUU) Clark Cooley said “The budget spells out both positives and negatives for students. Investment in infrastructure projects, new housing affordability policies and long term budget repair, will help ease the new financial burden placed on students through increased university fees”

“Tonight’s announcement did provide some assurance that the government is committed to taking action on housing affordability and availability. The new Housing Finance and Investment Corporation will allow the community housing sector to access low cost finance and could provide new accommodation options to students in the future”

Mr Cooley continued “The budget outlines a fair deal for students with equitable responsibility for deficit reduction. A new tax on Australia’s five biggest banks and an increase to the Medicare levy show the government doesn’t expect the students of Australia to foot the entire bill.”

“I’m pleased the Government is taking steps to fix our national budget deficit. If action isn’t taken on reducing the budget deficit and paying down our national debt it will be the students of today, and future generations that will be stuck with the bill.”

The Tasmania University Union (TUU) was founded in 1899 as the representative body for all students of the University of Tasmania. The TUU seeks to advance the rights and protect the interests of students by ensuring the their voices are heard by parliamentarians, policy makers, university leadership and the wider community.