Whilst the Launceston City Deal is funded, Northern Tasmania has missed out on new funding for any significant new projects.
Malcolm Turnbull’s tax cut for the well-off millionaires is offset by a tax hike for everyday working Tasmanians.
Someone earning a million dollars will now pay $16,400 less tax this year thanks to the Liberal Budget, while someone on $65,000 will pay $325 more tax in two years’ time.
The Tasmanian Liberal Senators have delivered on the Turnbull government’s commitments and existing programs, and nothing more, revealing their lack of influence on this Turnbull government.
The Launceston General Hospital is struggling with the Liberal cuts to our health system and this budget does nothing to alleviate those pressures.
The delay to reversing their freeze to the Medicare rebate for three years means that the Liberals are putting vulnerable Tasmanians at risk. Every Tasmanian will pay more until this is finally reversed.
Saul Eslake’s recent John West memorial Lecture at the University of Tasmania highlighted the underperformance of the Tasmanian economy and the need for drastic improvements in education attainment in Tasmania.
Any commitment to needs based funding of education, given the Liberal’s recent realisation of the importance of education funding on a needs basis, must recognise that the Liberals will leave Tasmanian schools $84.4 million worse off over the next two years. Tasmanian schools need more, not less funding to address the issue.
Similarly, we need more, not less investment in TAFE and vocational training and University Funding. Whilst the commitment to funding UTAS in Launceston is a positive, cuts to University funding, and increasing the costs of obtaining higher education are disincentives to improving Tasmania’s educational performance.
Increasing casualisation and job insecurity has not been helped by infrastructure spending that has been further delayed, by funding the City Deal over 4 years. The benefit of that funding should be flowing to Northern Tasmania now, not in a delayed funding stream.
Despite the very real need for Federal funding Launceston’s Sewerage Improvement Plan remains unfunded, replaced with yet another feasibility study.
Northern Tasmanians have every reason to think that this is a budget designed to save Malcolm Turnbull, nothing more.