The demand for prostitution in Australia has seen it become a regular destination for trafficked women. The enslavement of women in the sex industry is a sober reminder that more must be done to advance human rights in Australia.

Fighting For Justice Foundation is campaigning to end the demand for gender based violence in our society.

The ‘End The Demand’ campaign launch is on Human Rights Day this Sunday 10 December. This event is an opportunity for thought leaders to gather and discuss the human rights abuses that all parties experience when demand occurs.

The ACT Law Society, UNAA, UN Women, law enforcement, Ambassadors and other high-level leaders have been invited to this event to discuss how to curb the prolific demand of human trafficking and exploitation that fuels gender based violence in our nation and lifetime.

Andrea Tokaji, founder of Fighting For Justice Foundation has called for Australia to end demand and bring healthy alternate pathways for both the victim and the perpetrators of gender based violence in our communities.

“We know that simply trying to stop the supply of prostitution from within the industry hasn’t worked. But legally curbing the demand for prostitution is a growing trend across the world, and a really successful approach.”

Ms Tokaji noted the importance of this campaign in the context of Australia’s current zero tolerance approach to domestic violence, and its inconsistency with legalised industries that perpetuate physical, sexual and gender based violence that is often deeply racist.

“The demand for prostitution normalises gender based and sexual violence in our society,” said Ms Tokaji. “The Nordic Model is the most effective way to end the demand.”

Fighting For Justice Foundation wants to see a world where the dignity and equality of all persons are upheld.

For more information visit the ‘End the Demand’ website

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