TasWater has welcomed the Auditor-General’s report into its performance that confirms the significant progress achieved since the reform of Tasmania’s water and sewerage services commenced in 2009.
The Auditor-General’s conclusion is unambiguous saying: “It is my conclusion that, with the exception of improved environmental outcomes in wastewater treatment, the intended outcomes of the reforms have either been fully or partially achieved.”
The Tasmanian Audit Office review of TasWater’s performance concludes that the Corporation has achieved or partially achieved 92 per cent of the 37 intended outcomes that were assessed.
Further, the Auditor-General acknowledges that not all intended outcomes could be achieved in the seven-year period, confirming that both the 2008 and 2012 legislation envisaged a journey that would take some time.
Chairman Miles Hampton said the report confirmed that TasWater had made significant progress across a broad spectrum of intended outcomes.
“The report confirms: • Significant improvement in water quality outcomes; • Asset management has improved; • The reforms have delivered expected financial benefits; • Customer service has broadly improved; • The regulatory framework has been as robust as the frameworks in other Australian States; and • The reform is on track to deliver the Government target of $1 billion in capital upgrades within a ten-year period.
“The report correctly says that progress in the achievement of wastewater treatment plant compliance has been slower than what might have been expected, but acknowledges that this reflects an agreement with various regulators that the initial priority would be water quality issues,” Mr Hampton said.