This week Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce have dusted the cobwebs off their shoulders to escalate their personal attack on renewables; pushing old energy ideologies into the limelight yet again.

Abbott, Joyce and the pro-coal Monash Forum are attempting to hijack the news about AGL’s refusal to sell the Liddell power plant as a springboard to reanimate their push for government investment in old-hat coal technology [2].

They actually want to use taxpayers’ money to prop up a dirty dinosaur; ignoring the more viable option of investing in affordable renewable energy. It’s outrageous.

It’s utterly appalling that these backbenchers are out there trying to convince people that we need to sustain ageing, inefficient and expensive power generation – not to mention their dream of building new coal-fired power plants – when renewables are here and ready to do the job cleaner and cheaper than ever before.

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Before more renewable-bashing rubbish makes headlines, we need to spread our own message far and wide to tell the real story – Australians love solar.

You and I know that it’s time to reboot our failing electricity system by repowering Australia, but Abbott and the Monash Forum pose a dangerous threat to the energy transition.

What’s concerning is this ragtag, anti-renewable group have enough influence to sway the decision making of the Turnbull Government, and the end result could be a National Energy Guarantee which not only slams the brakes on renewable energy investment but also puts coal on a pedestal.

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Alex, you and I know that the future for Australia’s energy system – a future which will benefit all of us – is one powered by the sun, wind and waves. It just makes sense.

That’s why Solar Citizens are pushing forward with our Clean & Cheap Energy for All campaign. This is the campaign that our solar-loving citizens have called for; a community-driven effort to knock down barriers to solar and ensure the transition to renewable energy is affordable, equitable and inclusive.

With our allies in Repower Australia and our people-powered campaigning, we have the golden opportunity for a pincer movement which will drive the Federal Government in the right direction to deliver a sensible and timely transition to an energy market powered by renewable energy. 

Alex, that’s where you come in. Together, we can defend renewable energy and demand a better future from our leaders.

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Together we can – and will – fix our broken energy system.