The suspension of EMS Rural Export’s licence to export live sheep is good news.  It’s also good to see the federal Agriculture Department starting to do its job. 

The attempt to use this subsidiary company to resume live exports was a scandalous attempt by Emanuel Exports to work around its licence suspension earned after more than 2,000 sheep died from heat stress on the Awassi express.  Sadly it’s not surprising Emanuel Exports thought it could get away with this sleight of hand due to the Federal Government’s failure on many occasions to crack down on cruelty in the trade.

However the only way to end the cruelty is to end the live export trade.  The Labor Party has bowed to public pressure and promised to phase out the live export of sheep to the Middle East, and even members of the Government like Sussan Ley support a ban. The Government now needs to stop stalling and bring on Ms Ley’s Private Member’s Bill and then go further and wind all this trade up for good.