Jenna Brook, above, is a remarkable young woman from the Birdsville in the heart of Australia about to undertake a personal challenge of immense proportions.  She has committed to run from Cockle Creek the most southern point in Australia to the tip of Cape York - that’s 4500km or 110 marathons in 120 days!  There’s a really important reason for the run, and one that is close to Jenna’s heart.  Along the way Jenna will be raising awareness of Bowel Cancer in the communities that she passes through.  She’s RUNNING FOR BUMS and hopes to help others by starting a conversation about bowel cancer and reducing the embarrassment that has gone along with it for too long.

Having completed a number of multi-day walks and events, including a 15 day crossing of the Simpson Desert,  Jenna is no stranger to the challenges that she will face in the coming months, although the challenge of actually running is somewhat new to her. Never one for breaking into anything more than a walk, Jenna says that ‘‘while the task ahead to run a majority of the distance is daunting, it is also awfully exciting to see what my body is capable of’‘.

• February 17th – Cockle Creek 14km
• February 18th – Southport 34km
• February 19th – Port Huon 40km
• February 20th – Longley 35km
• February 21st – Hobart 41km
• February 22nd – Hobart 30km
• February 23rd – Kempton 30km
• February 24th – Bothwell 45km
• February 25th – Miena 44km
• February 26th – Quamby Corner 32km
• February 27th – Deloraine 40km
• February 28th – Railton 31km
• March 1st – Devonport 24km

March 2nd - Spirit of Tasmania

NSW 1014KM

Finish at the tip of Cape York on June 15th

Bowel Cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer claiming 80 lives every week. 90% of bowel cancers cases can be successfully treated if they are caught early yet only 40% are caught early enough. “It’s not ok that we are losing so many people every day to a cancer that is so preventable, treatable and beatable when it’s caught early” Jenna says.
With her Grandad having survived bowel cancer late in his life and her father subsequently screening from a young age, Jenna began screening in her 20’s and has significantly reduced her own risk of developing bowel cancer by having numerous abnormalities removed.