The future of the Royal Launceston Show is under serious threat due to a series of planning, permit, and funding changes.

Since 1834, the heritage show has enchanted children, supported the rural community, and celebrated our unique way of life in Northern Tasmania.

Now, the National Trust of Australia (Tasmania) has thrown it’s support behind the show, and is calling on the local community to do the same.

Matthew Smithies, Managing Director of the National Trust Tasmania, said: “This show is immeasurably important to our cultural identity, social capital, and local story.

“To lose this show is to lose over seven generations of tradition, not to mention the impact this will have on our young and upcoming local competitors who may now have to travel interstate to make qualifiers for National competitions.”

Over the years the show has adapted and grown to become the largest and most loved agricultural show in Northern Tasmania, and in 1981 was honoured with a visit from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness, Prince Phillip. 

With a strong focus on celebrating our local rural heroes, supporting innovation, improving productivity, and investing in the next generation of young farmers, the Royal Launceston Show has strong backing from local, and statewide rural communities, and is confident that the wider Launceston community will get behind a ‘save the show’ campaign.