Family First Senate Candidate Peter Madden has declared that novelties such as “Dark Mofo” are clearly not what most Tasmanians think Tasmania needs or is about.

Mr Madden said, “In travelling throughout the state for the last five months campaigning, talking with thousands of Tasmanians and listening to their concerns. I can say with absolute certainty that the majority don’t see “novelties” such as “Dark Mofo” wind farms, gay tourism etc., as representing Tasmania. This is not a solution for Tasmania’s economic troubles.

“In fact, there is a lot of public anger about the ludicrous push of these taxpayer funded novelties as solutions, by the Greens, the ALP and the left wing media. While our true way forward through mining, forestry, agriculture and industry are strangled by these very same elements” Mr Madden said.

“Tasmanians are looking for real answers to their deep concerns about their families and their children’s futures, and to make out that search lights, burning crosses, nude swims and multi breasted hot air balloons are representative of Tasmania, or any sort of future tourism solution is silly. I’ve found it to be clearly offensive to most Tasmanians that I talk to” Mr Madden said.

“This ALP/Greens government, both State and Federal, have done their best to put us back into the “dark ages”. However that’s no reason to celebrate that darkness with “Dark Mofo,” Madden said.