Image for Wild Wombat Spirits: The new spirit stirring up trouble in Australia

Wild Wombat Spirits is the newest super premium spirit to hit stores in Australia; with the launch of its unique signature collection that boasts a quintessentially Australian experience.

Already stirring up trouble around the world, Wild Wombat Spirits is challenging long-held conventions within Australia’s spirits industry with its bold campaign that chronicles the rich history of Australian culture while delivering exceptional quality and endless creativity, charm and wit.

The Wild Wombat Collection offers four signature blends; Wild Wombat Vodka, Wild Wombat Wildberry Vodka, Wild Wombat Coffee Liqueur, and Wild Wombat Gin.

Paying tribute to native Australia and all of its species, Wild Wombat Spirits donates a portion of its proceeds toward the conservation and protection of Australian wombats.

Wild Wombat spirits are crafted from natural ingredients in small batches in copper stills, with multiple distillations before being diluted with pure rain water. The Wild Wombat collection has a markedly smooth and clean essence, reminiscent of Australia’s purest natural elements.

The award-winning brand is part of the exquisite portfolio of award-winning spirits company, NASC International; a relative newcomer to the world of luxury and premium Aussie spirits whose ethos is to ignite a passion for unique and exquisite spirits direct from Australia.

NASC International Founder and CEO, Javier Olavarria says that the company is taking the Australian spirits industry into a bold new direction with its innovative design, proprietary packaging and superior quality.

‘The taste of quality and uniqueness linger long after the price has been forgotten,’ he says.

Wild Wombat Spirits claims to be the ultimate Australian legend and are available for purchase in Australia at Kemenys and Heinemann.

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