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First published 2015-06-29 08:18 AM

Figures released today, show just one serve of mushrooms give Aussie adults 20-100% the recommended daily intake of vitamin D, an essential nutrient for protecting against health risks such as heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

The new findings are a welcome solution to the 6 in 10 women and 4 in 10 men who are likely to be vitamin D deficient over winter. In fact, by the end of August more than half of the Australian population will be deficient of this nutrient.

To shed some light on the topic:

• The new figures from the National Measurement Institute show one serve of store-bought mushrooms can provide 20 per cent of an adult’s daily vitamin D needs
• Earlier studies that show one serve of mushrooms left in the sun for an hour, as well as ‘vitamin D’ labelled mushrooms, will provide 100 per cent of your daily vitamin D needs
• Many Australians are in the dark about Vitamin D as more than four in five (84%) Australians don’t know they can achieve vitamin D through food they eat and many aren’t aware of the health risks associated with low vitamin D levels.

We have Accredited Practising Dietitian Glenn Cardwell, who led the research, available to discuss:

•      The science behind the latest figures
•      Why he recommends mushrooms as the ultimate winter superfood
•      The risks of vitamin D deficiency
•      How Aussies can keep up their vitamin D intake through food sources, while staying sun safe
•      The complete health benefits of store-bought and ‘vitamin D’ labelled mushrooms

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