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  1. The DPIPWE said in April that “releasing autopsy results could take years.” Minister Sarah Courtney has point-blank refused to publicly release the ‘top secret’ autopsy results. Why not? The public interest is paramount.

    The ABC in Hobart must complete their four-part expose on these toxic ships.

    Now that human health and TEN deaths of MUA workers from exposure to DIESEL PARTICULATE MATTER (DPM), ASBESTOS and other known Carcinogens has been scientifically validated. The ABC has gone missing in action and will not return calls from MUA Whistleblower, Torren McMaster. 

    Torren has damning industrial reports from 2013, 2017, and 2018. His last DPM dust sample went missing from ASBESTOS AUDIT in Brisbane.

    He was advised that “NO Industrial Chemist in Australia will test Spirit of Tasmania DPM” for fear of state sanctioned ‘payback’ reprisals.

    How can we believe and trust DPIPWE and Minister Courtney ... with their dubious track records?

    Mr McMaster was sacked, suffered from death threats and his home was shot at. It’s all on the public record - but who in this country will properly investigate? Why don’t Whistleblowers matter? The public has a Right to Know.

    Posted by Kevin Moylan  on  13/07/18  at  07:23 AM
  2. Attention Sue Bailey ... The ADVOCATE July 12 - Who advised or informed you this?—“No clear cause has been found for the deaths.”

    Spirit of Tasmania stevedore and Maritime Union Australia whistle-blower (2010) Torren McMaster vehemently disputes and rejects your assertions and spurious claims.

    Torren has risked his life and lost his home and cherished career for ‘Involuntarily’ speaking out to protect his workmates, passengers, livestock and pets; and now, 16-18 magnificent horses.

    He has the evidence that since 2010 The MUA has failed in its statute duty to administer the OHAS Act, and to collect and monitor foreign toxic and readily identifiable synthetic mineral fibres, asbestos and carcinogens (cancer causing agents).

    Simply, until the 60 - 70 Spirit of Tasmania workers are afforded the human decency of full independent health screenings to discover what risk these workers are exposed to daily, we are only guessing and hoping that all is well; the status-quo will remain .. and carry on comrades.

    The problem is, MUA workers are too oppressed and afraid of their own Union to rock these toxic boats! That’s our new modern democracy at work ...

    TEN DEATHS in SEVEN YEARS! I call that a cluster!

    Posted by Kevin Moylan  on  15/07/18  at  07:48 AM
  3. Dear Sue Bailey ..The NW Advocate. Thanks for reporting on this critical public interest story that all Tasmanians and mainlanders have a right to know. Many questions remain a ‘closed shop’ mystery in secret and untrustworthy TasMANIA.

    The Spirit of Tasmania, a National Highway, is/was our only lifeline to another continent, freedom and civilisation, intelligence, laughter, trust and integrity; escaping from the perils of isolation from living on a congenital and incestuous island for too long. Closed minds breed closed hearts ...

    Sue: I have sent EXAMINER Political Reporter, Matt Maloney, three recent courtesy copy emails with ample alarming Spirit of Tasmania witness and corroborating evidence that you must digest. 

    In the meantime Sue, can you please ask the Minister for Primary Industries, Sarah Courtney, and the DPIPWE the following questions. (The ABC has gone missing, but why?) 

    Can you confirm that 16 horses were gassed to death at 2.00 am. In the middle of Bass Strait! YES or NO Minister?

    Why didn’t the second truckload of horses on the opposite side of the Spirit of Tasmania also die from asphyxiation?

    Jan 29.  Exactly how many ‘diesel powered’ refrigerated containers were fully operational, on or near, the same deck where those horses perished? Regulations state - TWO is absolute MAXIMUM.

    Can The Minister confirm, on this particular doomed voyage, TEN diesel powered containers were in use very near to the horses. YES or NO?

    What happened to the TWO hypoxic and brain damaged horses that supposedly survived? Can we see them?

    To be continued…

    Posted by Kevin Moylan  on  15/07/18  at  09:06 AM
  4. For our free speech and public interest Whistleblower protections from further grief, any harm and overt and covert reprisals, courtesy copies have been sent to the following:

    No-one can never say..“Oh my god, why didn’t someone alert and inform all of us - WE never knew.”

    Sally McManus, Secretary. Australian Council of Trade Unions.
    Michael Borowick, Assistant Secretary, Australian Council of Trade Unions.
    Paddy Crumlin, National Secretary, Maritime Union Australia.
    Joe Italia, Victorian Branch Secretary, Maritime Union Australia.
    Hon Ged Kearney, MHR, Member for Batman.
    Hon Andrew Wilkie, Independent Senator for Tasmania.
    Hon Will Hodgman, Premier for all Tasmanian’s.
    Hon Rebecca White, Tasmanian Opposition Leader.
    Hon Cassy O’Connor and Rosalie Woodruff, TAS GREENS.
    Editor, Tasmanian Times.
    ABC News Hobart. Ellen Coulter, Peta Carlyon, James Dunlivie, Fiona Blackwood, Damien McIntire.
    Cameron Houston, THE AGE.
    Matt Maloney, THE EXAMINER.
    Barrie Cassidy, ABC INSIDERS, CANBERRA.
    Dr James Page, Whistleblowers Australia, University of New England, NSW.
    Torren McMaster, no fixed address.

    “I will stand in the truth even if no-one will stand with me or even if no other were to see what I see.” - Malcolm McClure - Extract: Page 3 “One Flew Over the Kookaburra’s Nest.” 2016-17

    Posted by Kevin Moylan  on  15/07/18  at  10:28 AM
  5. #4 ... Kevin, your book warrants uninterrupted reading and that it carries the compelling revelations of a State government that were alleged to be visibly rotten if not entirely through to their core.

    There is much to learn of the controversial Bacon-era, he appointed as the head of the fearful government serpent while he served as the Premier of this State with his false theme of all is well so don’t you worry.

    Fostering this kind of populist rubbish to the State’s media, yet careful in not revealing the underbelly of the greed and corruption that still underlays the actions and efforts of Tasmania’s Lib/Lab State government to this very day.

    I have recently been invited to form up the history of performance of 2 of Tasmanian GBEs that in my mind represent a danger to Tasmania’s elder citizens and of the elder abuse activity that has been found interwoven through and by each of these 2 GBEs.

    I will (through the mainland parties since called together that had then contacted me to assist them with the recent State of Tasmania example case perspectives) then to send in a summary report of my chosen cases that I consider were severely detrimental to those elderly citizens as well as their family on certain occasions, be they alive or now deceased in Tasmania.
    I have also been asked to recommend for review a number of this State’s statutes that serve no benefit to any elder persons.
    This being whether or not there remains any of the underlying superciliousness in the present time of today’s Lib/Lab State of Tasmania government.
    Today I mailed off a 94-page review of cases selected from within the State’s of Australia that had been part of an exercise by a former Tasmanian senior appointed person, who had previously headed a particular Tasmanian GBE, known for their intolerance to their clients and to permit for incidents of elder abuse.

    One would be verily surprised by the number of the grossly prejudiced (anti-to-benefit-of-that-elder-person) cases that are atypical representations of elder abuse in this State.

    I will keep you up to speed on the developments as they occur, hmm, a case matter soon to be brought to the Supreme Court for an appeal against an improperly gained decision handed down the decision that had been sought by one of these GBEs, to counter the best interests of a client’s family members, including counter to the elderly person concerned.

    So Kevin, do keep up the distribution of your excellently authored testamentary book, in the hope, that it will serve as a grave warning against this State’s covert Lib/Lab government GBE inclined purposes.

    Moreso when the cooperation of the State’s police had been gained to serve the unjust discriminatory purposes of that particular era of State government, which I don’t believe has seen any real change since the former time of your threatened and bullied expulsion, that had included the loss of your former substantial holdings, out of Tasmania.

    Posted by William Boeder  on  15/07/18  at  05:31 PM
  6. Kevin #3 ... You have suggested that “16 horses were gassed to death at 2.00 am. In the middle of Bass Strait!” and you seem to have suggested that the deaths of these horses may be to do with the (unconfirmed) presence of “10 diesel powered containers” that may have been in use “very near to the horses”. I would like to know the source of this information, that is, can your claims be corroborated?

    Also, in relation to such refrigerated containers, you write that “Regulations state - TWO is absolute MAXIMUM”.  Could you advise which regulations you are referring to (and/or which Act provides for these regulations?

    Thank you – Garry Stannus.

    PS:  Just noticed this latest from the ABC at

    Posted by  on  17/07/18  at  08:40 AM





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